Self-drive travel

I did a google search for self-drive travel itineraries in South Africa. All I came up with was that same question being asked on Tripadvisor.

But no answers.

Just the usual cryptic advice from agents promoting themselves and their tours and a few comments from seasoned travellers.

This is something I don’t understand.

There is a niche market that is looking for answers and despite the fact we have the tools, no one besides a few travel companies like Audley Travel, is addressing these needs.

The free independant traveller is the backpacker of yesteryear.

They have grown up, they have settled down. Yet they still hanker after the opportunity to travel and explore. This time with a family in tow. But their time  is short and they are still working to a budget.

This is an opportunity for someone, anyone to make themselves useful. To start building themselves a business by offering an information service to anyone who can find them.

Mark Allan South Africa

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